10 Acres in Elko County, Nevada

The Great Escape – 10 Acres For Sale in Elko County to Enjoy Nature

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This is a fantastic opportunity to own this great 10 acre, property on the outskirts of Elko County Nevada that will bring you year round enjoyment. The property is surrounded by vast open spaces where your only visitors are the deer, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and other abundant wildlife. If you are looking to get off-grid, you have 10 acres all to yourself. This property is adjacent to property 010-37B-016. I can make you a great offer on both.

Can you imagine what that would be like? You know what it’s like feeling trapped in traffic EVERY day and just wanting to bust out and get away from all those people. Crowding you. Honking at you. Making noise. This could be your hiding spot.

The easiest way to access this property is to go North East on Mulholland Road, then East on Hopie Canyon Road and Turn North on the section road that is right after the Alpaca Farm.  From the Alpaca Farm you travel North about 7 miles.  once the Road turns East you will hit private property, so to get to the property you will have to cut a path (road) through the easement.  The owner on the adjacent property to the East of 016 and 018 made it clear to me that as soon as the road turns West that is his property and whomever buys the parcels will have to start their road at the Section Road and not use his road.  For most of the terrain this should be easy, but there are a couple of ravines where a culvert and fill would have to be placed. 
I was told that the Section Road used to continue North and connect into the Airport Canyon Road, but because of lack of use is now grown over.  It is quite steep getting down from the section road to Airport Canyon Road.  Re Establishing this road could make for easier access.
There are no electricity lines close.  Water is approximately 600 ft.
The terrain is covered with prairie grasses, sagebrush, some wildflowers, and some Juniper Trees.  I saw birds, lizards, snakes and ground squirrels.  You could homestead on this property and it would be a great place to live off the grid.  The adjancent tract has an established house on it with a couple living there and the nearest neighbor other than that is about 1 mile away.

Property Information

Size: 10 Acres
Legal Description: Unnamed Road, Montello, NV 89830

APN: 010-37B-018
GPS Coordinates: 41.345807, -114.255110
Google Map Link:
Annual Taxes: $14.67
Utilities: Would be solar or generator, needs a well and septic
Housing: Open Space District (OS), Single Family Home, and mobile homes allowed
Camping: RV and Tent camping is allowed for 28 days without septic system installed.